• Mid-Market Size

From education to healthcare and retail, Edgeteam helps mid-market companies innovate their networks by delivering the network performance users expect, the features and flexibility your operations need, and a cost you can live with.

Network Innovation

Provide a unique digital experience that lets your users buy, work, learn, and travel how they want, when they want. Edgeteam helps you design a network that meets today’s requirements while preparing for future demands. Learn More >

Network Infrastructure

Building innovative networks requires the right strategy with the right technology. Edgeteam is a multi-vendor certified within the network infrastructure space and has the operational experience to help you choose and manage the best technology for an evolving network. Learn More >

Multi-Cloud Strategy

Sometimes the best plans involve multiple cloud providers. We help you determine when and if it’s time for you to leverage multi-cloud, and how to keep the control, visibility, and security as you do your on-premise infrastructure. Learn more >

Network Security

A growing network of devices, users, locations and data centers doesn’t have to result in more risk. EdgeTeam helps mid-market companies provide secure data access to the right people, at the right same, while staying compliant with specific standards and mandates. Learn more >

Managed Services

Implement and manage an increasingly complex network infrastructure at a reasonable cost and within measurable timelines. We offer managed services from wireless to security so you can use the services while leaving the administration and operation overhead to us. Learn more >

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