• Rural-Based SME

EdgeTeam helps rural institutions such as healthcare, education, public safety, and electric cooperatives support the next generation of smart communities in rural America, and do so in a way that fits the budget, operations, and unique community.

Network Innovation

Modernizing rural America requires a unique growth and development strategy. EdgeTeam helps you design a network that meet today’s requirements while preparing for future demands, all while finding creative ways to fund the initiative. Learn more >

In-Person Consultation

We want to understand what’s important to you so we can share stories and strategies most relevant to your goals. Your team is busy managing a range of IT. Let us help you save time and stress by coming onsite and sharing what new technology, strategies, or funding opportunities can benefit you.

Network Funding Strategy

Find and use the funding available to advance your services in rural America. EdgeTeam has experience accessing different funding vehicles like federal grants, state and local grants, and financing options like capital leasing.

Network Infrastructure

From incumbent manufactures to emerging players, it’s time-consuming to keep up. EdgeTeam is multi-vendor certified within the network infrastructure. We’ll educate your team and provide resale services to the manufacturers that provide the features and flexibility your operations need. Learn more >

Multi-Cloud Strategy

When is the right time to use cloud providers? EdgeTeam has experience working with companies to determine if and when the circumstances are right to use one or multiple cloud providers. We walk you through the process to understanding how to keep control, visibility, and security using multi-cloud.

Network Security

Your business exists in a community built on trust and partnership. Data that makes your business possible now connects to the cyber world and, unfortunately, it isn’t as trustworthy. EdgeTeam helps you determine true risk and how you can reduce your vulnerability through strategic operations, technology, analytics and insight.

Managed Services

You and your team are managing full IT responsibilities. When and if you don’t have expertise or capacity for a specific technology, process, or problem we can step in and help. We’re here to add value to your team where you need it most. Learn more >

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