• Security Services

EdgeTeam’s portfolio of cybersecurity services and staff of security professionals will work with your organization to prevent, detect, respond, and remediate cyberattacks.

Managed Firewall

Our team of security engineers and analysts will ensure that your firewalls are actively monitored and managed to provide maximum protection for your organization.


System logs are processed through a database of known vulnerabilities and interactions. These results are then correlated again rules established by our security team and your organization based on business need and emerging threats.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Our simulated external vulnerability scanning attempts to breach your network and identify internal network weaknesses while our penetration testing will try to probe identified targets by our team of certified Security Engineers with specialized software tools and advanced methodologies.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Requires users to authenticate in multiple ways  to access internal network resources. Our team of Security Engineers can configure and manage a MFA solution to meet your compliance requirements.

Security Assessments and Cyber Consulting

From firewall configuration to company-wide policy reviews, we can review your current network policies and configurations to ensure your organization is meeting necessary compliance requirements. We can also can provide privacy consulting, remediation, assessments, training, and more.

Security Awareness Training

EdgeTeam can help teach your employees how to protect internal confidential company resources while bolstering your organizations security posture.

Managed Email Security and Advanced Malware Protection

By utilizing multiple detection engines, we can monitor your organizations email accounts and protect from spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks.

Incident Response and Forensic

Trained response teams can quickly protect valuable and confidential company information while containing damage after a cyberattack.

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